Oguz Tuncbilek

Spending six years in Vienna for my university, I had only one chance to eat real Turkish home meal. I had to learn to cook it on my own. So my story about cooking began. Later, while chained at a desk from 9 to 5, I developed my cooking abilities through different courses, including Basics of Turkish Cooking (Chef’s Academy – 4 Weeks), Food and Beverage Management (Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul – 10 Weeks) and Modern Interpretations of Classical Turkish Cuisine (Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul – 5 Weeks). It wasn’t difficult to combine travelling, another passion of me, with cooking. Wherever I travelled, mainly Asian countries, I attended cooking courses and tried to learn the regional cuisines. Soon I came to the idea that I wanted to share my knowledge of my home cuisine and culture. In the end, what is better than meeting other travellers, sharing stories about the journey, cooking and eating together?



Begüm Atakan

Istanbul, Paris, Washington D.C., Chicago, and finally Istanbul again: I’ve been moving from one culture to another all my life and the food of each has provided a window into that culture. Through reading and experimentation, I gained in depth knowledge of these various cuisines and insight into the lifestyle in these cities along with the language. However, my passion for cooking is completely linked to my own Mediterranean/Middle Eastern culture: the endless cooking get-togethers with family, the sharing of the food and drinks, the accompanying conversation, and the unique ingredients of the region; all enjoyed while overlooking the Bosphorus. It was this lifelong passion of mine for food that also encouraged me to embark on a new career in 2006, when I moved to Chicago. This drastic change prompted me to change my career from an economist to a chef, and allowed me to take the first step for realizing my dream, so I finished The Professional Cookery Program at Kendall College. Kendall College presented me with an opportunity for a formal training and thereby an initiation to the culinary arts world as a professional. My driving goal in choosing a career in culinary arts was the opportunity to share my eclectic background and recreate the ambiance for others. So now I’ve returned to my native city, it’s about time to share all that excitement and knowledge of mine with you. Come and join me for a casual culinary class. I would love to share all my culinary insights, which will not only include recipes, tricks and shortcuts, but also knowledge on the culinary techniques, cooking methods, and nutrition. I teach in English, German and French. Last but not least, some words about my philosophy of food.. Food is not only physical nutrition but also an emotional one. Every dish one makes should incorporate love and compassion. Flavors exclusive to us, grow from our roots. The dishes we prepare should come from our families and friends, from our history and from the places to which we are bound by love. Food should be simple, but refined with the right method. Food should be about exploring new dishes that our audience have not seen or met before. Food is art of living; it should teach new ways to look, see, and taste. Like art, it should bond people with each other, make them begin to question or to compare. Finally, food should be about integrity. The culinary experience is a whole. It starts with fresh, authentic ingredients and finishes with an elegant presentation.


Pınar Aksu Genlik

I graduated Culinary Arts Academy of Istanbul pastry & bakery international program. The Pastry & Bakery program covers all essential techniques required for the pastry & bakery production. It’s an in-depth training on several subjects such as artisanal bread-making, hand made chocolate and a la carte desserts.After graduation I worked at the kitchens of many famous places like Kitchenette and Grand Hyatt Istanbul Hotel. I settled my studio at Galatasaray for 2 years between 2007 and 2009 and I especially worked on butique pastry. While I was cooking pastries and desserts, I also gave special courses to both childrens and adults. After having my baby I gave a break to my career for a while but stiil cook boutique pastry for special orders.Here our workshops will cover the most delicious Turkish desserts for sweetening our lives.