“Das war super”


” Thank you for a lovely day and great opportunity to meet some lovely people. Really enjoyed learning the Turkish cuisine and our walk through the market.” Amanda, Ireland


“Thank you so much for a fun day :) Enough food to not eat again for a week. Really enjoyed it.” Rachel, Ireland


“Das war super, vielen vielen Dank” Franziska, Deutschland

A Very Multicultural Afternoon


“As isch absolut a Vergnuege, mit dir über de Markt z’schleudere und aaschlüssend eni feine Spezialitate mit unsere tolle Grupp zuezbreite und z’esse.” Crista + Sonja, Switzerland


“Gracias por comportir con migo, la comida turca me gusto mucho, la combinacion de sabore y colores” Elena Lucia, Colombia


“I enjoyed the time and learned about your culture.” Ana, Colombia


” Vielen Dank für diesen netten und persönlichen Kochkurs. Wir haben so gut gegessen, uns so nett unterhalten, und richtig viel über die Türkische Kultur gelernt. Du hast das toll gemacht.” Nele, Germany/South Africa

“A Wonderful Day of Learning and Experimenting with Turkish Culinary Delights”


“Thank you for a wonderful day of learning and experimenting with Turkish culinary delights. The walk through the local area to shop for supplies was a great start to the day. The menu was perfect for us and the kitchen studio was lovely. We will surely recommend the Istanbul Cooking School to our friends and other travellers. Thanks so much.” Lucy, Kiera, Ben, Australia


“Andrew and I had a wonderful time. You made it very interesting and very fun.” Andrew and Norma Jean, USA

“A Very Memorable Day On Our Honeymoon”


“Thanks so much for a fantastic cooking experience. We loved every minute and will enjoy making the dishes once we are back in London. It was like cooking with a friend, a very memorable day on our honeymoon in Turkey. Please keep in touch” Crystal and Edward Pleeth, London UK

Cooking Event with Dorma


We thank the International Management of Dorma, a leading company in the sector of Doors and Equipments, for joining us for a wonderful evening of fun, laughters, cooking and “Team Building”.

“Such a Thorough Overview and Understanding of Turkish Culture”

20130911_105135a DSCN8501a

“We had a wonderful time in the cooking class. Thank you for teaching us traditional Turkish recipes. We truly enjoyed learning about the cultural aspect of your beautiful country” Janeen, Alexis and Ashton, USA


“What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for giving us such a thorough overview and understanding of Turkish culture and cuisine. Thoroughly enjoyable.” Delaney and Harry Kloesel, Ashville USA


“Ein gelungener Vor und Nachmittag. Viel Spass, viel Unterhaltung und leckeres Essen. Weiter so. Ich komme sicherlich wieder.” Melanie Amon, DE

“The Highlight of our Trip to Istanbul”

DSCN8475a DSCN8483a

“Wow! Thank you so much for the delicious recipes and interesting conversation. This afternoon has definitely been the highlight of our trip to Istanbul. I hope we meet again someday.” Emma and Steve from London, UK.


“Merci beaucoup pour celte belle experience. Tout etcuit parfait.” Benjamin from Toulouse, France.


“It was really wonderful experience. Friends gonna enjoy” Lubi from Slovakia.

“Very Very Amazingly Fun and Tasty”


“This workshop was very fun. The food was absolutely delicious” Anya Samtani (USA)

“This class was very very amazingly fun and tasty. I am so excited to make all the amazing foods we ate today at home. I am only 14 but yet it was really entertaining and never boring. Thank you so much.” Niki Samtani (USA)

” We had a terrific time. We will throw a Turkish dinner party in Boston.” Manesh Samtani (USA)

” Ein lukullischer Genuss. Es war die richtige Mischung aus allem – Geschichte, Praxis, Gemeinsam Geniessen, Konversation. Ich drücke die Daumen, dass eure wunderbare Schule noch bekannter wird. Vielen lieben Dank.” Claudia (München, D)

“Learning about Istanbul and its culinary history”

DSCN8439a DSCN8427a DSCN8438a

“Thank you for the wonderful food and great stories. We enjoyed learning about Istanbul and its culinary history”

Sean Wehry & Peter Deisinger, WI, USA








“What a great way to spend an evening. Thank you.”

Gemma & Olivia, UK

“We really enjoyed the experience, and will remember our time in Istanbul as we try to make all the dishes back home.”

Geoff & Marie, Canada

“We had a great time, learned a lot and eat a lot. Thank you very much for showing us this part of the Turkish culture. Keep it up! It is a great activity.”

Libor, Czech Rep.

“Such a pleasure. Thank you for this amazing and exotic experience.”

Maxime, Belgium

“Thank You for Such a Fantastic Cooking Class”

DSCN8415a DSCN8417a


“Thank you for such a fantastic cooking class. I loved all the food. We will most definitely be recommending this class to family and friends.”

Jessica Uden, Australia


“Thank you for a wonderful cooking class. It was really fun and the food was delicious. It was also great to learn more about Turkish people and culture. Thanks again :)

Alex England, Australia


“I have had the best day learning about the Turkish food. Thank you for the great experience.”

Alex Harper, Australia


An Evening on German Television (ZDF)

20130715_214637a 20130715_214611a
ZDF (Second German Television) made a recording in our studio, for a documentary about the best cultural places to visit in Istanbul.
It was a very exciting and fun evening with lot of fun people.
“Thanks for having us. We all are looking forward to showing the German TV audience, what a great place this is. You are one of the most entertaining and patient hosts we ever had ” Eva, Philip and Yasemin (ZDF)
“Wonderful class and intro to Turkish cuisine” Dave, Houston, TX
“Thanks for the Turkish Culinary tips as well as some cultural information about Turkey” Bong Liguden Houston, TX
“Great food, great atmosphere. A very nice evening. Would love to join the classes next time again. I hope to cook Turkish for my polish friends.” Ania, Poland

“It was very fun”


“My Mom and I had an excellent time cooking here. Food was great, and it was very fun and everyone was very friendly. Thank you.”

Charlie Keohane, Age 11, CA USA






Check Charlies’s adventures around the world at her blog:


Read a nice review by Jenn Keohane, about the Turkish Cuisine and our workshop together:



“So amazing, wonderful time to spend in Turkey. Food was fantastic. I am going to make all of it at home, USA, CT. Wonderful group to be with. I ll recommend this to everyone.”

Susan and Paul Scheufe, CT USA

“Really Something Special”


Thank you for sharing a great experience and wonderful flavours. Best wishes for the future.

Jack Woodcraft, London, UK

Thank you for a wonderful day of food and merriment. I look forward to returning to England to bringing a bit of Istanbul to the table.

Alexandra Masters, London, UK

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The food was fantastic, the conversation was great. You really have something special here. It’ll be wonderful to take a little bit of this experience and this day back with me.

Juliana Barbassa, Brazil

What a wonderful, wonderful way to spend some time in Istanbul. To talk, to laugh, to cook and to eat. I have been to many cooking classes all over the world and this really ranks way up there because it is fabolous. Thank you and good luck.

Barbara Winkler, NY, USA

“A Perfect Final Evening in Istanbul”


Thank you for a final perfect evening in Istanbul. This was an excellent experience and a truly unique way to experience this historic city and its culinary traditions. We had an enchanting and intimate evening shared among friends.

Tyler Savoy, Washington, USA

Rebecca + Phil Brinkman, USA

Jennifer Luzow, Richmond, USA

Lauren Walinsky, Washington, USA

Emily Boland, Falls Church, USA

Tracy Hagen, Washington, USA

Erik Hamilton, Washinton, USA

“What a Beautiful Sunday”

DSCN8228bWhat a wonderful way to spend a morning in Istanbul. A lovely group of people and new cooking skills to take to South Africa. Baie Danke!

Rebecca, South Africa

What a beautiful sunday. The weather was amazing, so was the food. I loved everything :)

Leticia Tescaro, Brazil

It was amazing. Thank you very much for our nice time.

Dani Wal, Brazil

Everything was cok guzel :) Thanks for the nice time and for the nice class. It was great to learn from you. All the best.

Mayara Wal, Brazil

“Hmmm…Lecker :)”

DSCN8202aVielen vielen Dank für den fabelhaften, lustigen, interresanten, leckeren, spannenden Abend. Wir können es kaum erwarten, die hervorragenden Gerichte zu Hause nachzukochen. Weiterhin alles alles Gute.

Verena, Rainer, Tanja, Christian, Kristin, Deutschland

St.Mary’s University Afternoon Class

slider5The food was excellent. I really enjoyed everything.

Ian, USA

I cant wait to make this food at home. It was delicious. Tesekkur ederim.

Maria Smaldone, USA

Thank you very much. The class was very informative and interesting. Had a great time.

Brian, USA

Thank you so much. The food was amazing.

Kayleigh, USA

I learned so much today and really appreciated cooking and eating foods other than kebap. The vegetarian options were delicious. Thanks for all the advice.

Colleen, USA

St.Mary’s University Morning Class

DSCN8189aGreat veggie experience. So nice to be able to cook food, I can eat :)

Jessie, USA

Wonderful food and fantastic information. I felt very comfortable and I am very excited to try some at home.

Steven, USA

Everything was delicious and the class was so enjoyable.

Mary Margaret, USA

Tha class was a lot of fun, everything delicious. I hope all your classes have as much fun, as we did.

Nathan, USA

Thank you so much. I had so much fun, and all the food was amazing. Thank you for putting up with our noise + craziness.

Willow, USA

Seeing so many vegetables in a dish is always interesting. Thanks.

Clint, USA

Everything we cooked was easy to make and delicious. Thank you so so much :)

Rebecca, USA

All of the food was great, I look forward to cooking some of it when I return home

Trudy, USA

Thank you for a wonderful cooking experience. It was very tasty and fun.

Pam, USA

“Beautiful Receipts, Stories and Fun”


Thank you for your beautiful receipts, stories and fun.

Lizette Tyinh & Marc Anhensmid, Holland

Thanks a Lot for that “Heart Cooking”

DSCN8175Nice people, nice moment, and very nice cooking. Thank you. Hope to see you some day in France.

Noal, France

We really enjoy!! Lots of fun with a lot of sharing.

Bernard, France

Thanks a lot for that “heart cooking”.

Danie, France

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