“Cooking with a Yoga Flavour”


“Gracias for the cooking with a Yoga flavour.” Pilar, Spain (lives in Philipines)

“-Whats the name of this pepper?  – Marcello.” Christoph, France (lives in Italy)

“Much More Than We Expected”


“Best afternoon I have spent in Istanbul. Delicious food and great company.” Steph, Australia


“Wonderful experience. I will be back.” Max, Germany


” Exceptional dinner, cultural experience, teaching. An unforgetable day.” Raymond, USA


” Thank you so much for this wonderful and delicious afternoon. Much more than we expected.” Yvonne + Tobias, Germany


” Great cooking experience. The best way to know a culture and a country. Totally recommended” Lidia + Marcos, Spain

Our Great Multicultural New Year’s Eve Lunch


“Great food + day. Thanks” Ali, Australia


“We learned a lot of things.” Natasha, Ukraine + Eric, France


” Thanks for the wonderful day.” Naoula, Algeria


” Thank you so much, we had a brilliant time, very entertaining. I cant wait to try these recepies and for once I can teach my mum some food :) This really exceeded our expectations.” Nadia, New Zealand + Daniel, Australia


” Ein grosses Dankeschön für diesen tollen Tag.” Karen + Xenia, Germany


” Tack och hej. En trevlig grej att lara sig gora rostad aubergine paste.” Eric Schaffer, Stockholm, Sweden


” Thank you for a lovely day.” Kerstin Holmberg, Stockholm, Sweden


” Istanbul Cooking School ist eine ausgezeichnete Idee und Möglichkeit, einen entspannten und interresanten Tag zu erschmecken.” Viola + Frank, Germany

” Fantastic Experience”

DSC09444aDSC09437a  DSC09470a

“Thank you so much for your time, patience and showing us the best of the Turkish cuisine.” Isis, Holland


“I have had a great time again.” Jolijn, Holland


“I thank you so much for my first lovely day in Istanbul.” Jana, Germany


” Just keep cooking :) ” Laura, Germany


” Thank you so much for this experience. Hope to do it again.” Liset, Holland


“Even though, I dont like cooking, I have had a great day.” Anne, Holland


“Fantastic experience. We really enjoyed our time in and around the school. Great to walk around the market with someone who knows about the local cuisine. The cooking was very enjoyable, also for our three kids, and the food was great. Thanks for a great day.” Frank, Marian, Reinier, Hedwig and Rogier, Holland

“What a Way to Spend Christmas in Istanbul”


“Loved the walk, the talk, the tour, the food and the whole afternoon. I definitely recommend it.” Charline, France


“I’m really happy I found you on the internet and had the opportunity to share this experience with my family on the christmas day.” Maud, France


“A wonderful experience to live with my grandchildren, children and husband. Thank you for the way you welcome us.” Sylviana, France


“What a way to spend christmas in Istanbul. I had the best afternoon evening. The culinary walking tour was informative and the traditional Ottoman recipes were delicious and exciting to make. Thank you for the great evening and wonderful memories.” Scott, USA


“This will be one of my best memories here in Istanbul.” S.Richet, France


“Eine sehr angenehme Art, um Weihnachten in Istanbul zu etwas Besonderes zu machen.” Katie, Deutschland

“An Amazing Experience”


“Thank you very much for an amazing experience. We enjoyed not only the food but also the company. Obrigado.”

Manuela, Paulo, Rogerio, Wania, Brasil


“We were here and we loved it. Even Vikings from Denmark can learn to cook like a Turk.”

Simon and Jeff, Denmark

“One of Our Favourite Memories from Turkey”


“Thank you for a wonderful day, wonderful dishes and wonderful company. It will be one of our favourite memories from Turkey.”

Bindi and Terry, Brisbane, Australia


“Thank you. A great way to spend an afternoon. Learned a lot. Best food we had in Turkey.”

Helen and Sam, Australia


“We really enjoyed it, you deserved every round of applause. Also thank you for teaching us it might take 5,10,6,7 minutes to walk to the Tower.”

Jody and Sarah, UK


“Thanks For The Scran!”


“Thanks for the scran. We have had a great day and cant wait to share our new Turkish cookery skills with our friends back home in Scotland :)

Lauren and Chris

“…How Awesome Turkish Food Is”


“Although I grew up in a place (Dortmund, Germany) with lot of Turkish people, I never realized how awesome Turkish food is.”

Meike+Eckhard, Germany


“I learned a lot from your instruction and I look forward to using your recipes when I return to the US. See you on my next trip to Istanbul”

Patrick, US


“I will never forget this amazing course”

Mona, Egypt


“We are the first Koreans in this class. It was really fun and great time.”

Kim+Hee, Korea

“Such a Great Way to Take Home a Piece of Turkish Culture”


“The class was fantastic. The highlight of our entire trip. Such a great way to take home a piece of Turkish culture. It was so much more than I expected.” Kathy, Canada


“Lieber Oguz, Vielen Dank für das leckere Essen und die fantastische Unterhaltung.” Lena&Tristan, Deutschland

A Wonderful Afternoon Full of Surprises

DSCN8779a 1458530_557638434315672_901069829_nDSCN8788a“Thanks for making my Istanbul stay ever nicer with this great experience.” Loan, Vietnam

“Thanks for making me feel at home. Itadakimasu.” Akina, Japan


(We even met the Vice President of Galatasaray SK, Mr Ozkan Olcay, during our market walk.)

“The Best Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon”



“The best way to spend a sunday afternoon. We will send our friends feedback after the Turkish Party in Prague”

Radim, Barbara, Tereza, Prague,CR


“What a splendid way to spend the day. Highly recommended”

Natalie, UK

“Best Cooking In Istanbul”


“Thank you for cooking with us. We ve come to love Turkish cuisine after tonight.” Linda, Switzerland

“So much fun. Thanks.” Claudia, Switzerland

“There’s no more Humus left? :( ” Antje, Switzerland

“Best cooking in Istanbul” Annina, Switzerland

“Tesekkur eredim. Grossartig” Nicole, Switzerland


“Most entertaining and delicious cooking course. Thanks.” Andi, Switzerland

“Stay Hungry Before You Get Here”


“Hello! Thank you very very much. We did enjoy the class. And the food was so tasty. Stay hungry before you get here. Its a wonderful place.”

Natasha & Egor, St Petersburg, Russia

“Turkish Cuisine is a National Treasure”

DSCN8721a DSCN8724a

” A great way to celebrate the Republic Day. Turkish cuisine is a national treasure. Thanks for showing me how…”

Katie Philson, USA

“Great experience! Vielen, vielen Dank für den wundervollen Nachmittag.”

Sue + Marc, DE

“Great Fun”


“What a wonderful day and such great food. Thank you very much.” Debbie&Pete Carey, USA

“Thank you for this great day. I learned so much about Turkish food and really enjoyed it.” Lisa, China

” We had great fun, thank you very much.” Ben&Sarah, UK


“A Lot about Turkish Culture”


“Das war wunderbar. Ein toller Einblick in die Türkische Esskultur, Istanbuls Einkaufsplatze und interresante kleine Details. Leckere Rezepte. Dieser Kochkurs ist ein Erlebnis. Ein echtes Highlight in Istanbul.”

Katharina, Hamburg DE


DSCN8751a“Such a great way to end our time in Istanbul. I learned a lot about Turkish culture and the food was delicious. Thanks for your warmth and hospitality.”

Jono, Australia


“Very great idea to share culture, spend some good time in our last day in Istanbul. Thank you 4 all.”

Marcos, Argentine


“A Most Enjoyable, Informative and Tasty Adventure in Istanbul”

DSCN8703a DSCN8693a DSCN8696a DSCN8699a DSCN8702a

“A most enjoyable, informative and tasty adventure in Istanbul. Highly recommended.” Andrew Karpinski, Canada


“We had an incredible time learning about the history of Turkish cuisine and loved every dish we made. We will definitely recommend Istanbul Cooking School to all our friends.” Steve and Tanya Abigail, Dallas TX USA


“Great class, even for a beginner.” Keiko, Japan

Istanbul Cooking School at the Jeem TV

DSCN8675a DSCN8672a DSCN8667a DSCN8686a

We have hosted Jeem TV, the childrens channel of the Aljazeera Media Group. Our guests were the youngest in our history so far, two little ladies.


Their enthusiasm and joy soon spreaded to all of us and we had great time together. We will share the link with you as soon as we receive it from the channel.

“Such a Great Time, Sweet People, Grrrrreat Food and Such a Nice Energy”

DSCN8641a DSCN8640a DSCN8656a DSCN8650a

“Thank you so much for having us and teaching us such delicious meals. I had a great time and hopefully see you again while I am in Istanbul.”

Jolijn, Netherlands


” Thank you for a wonderful experience. I had such a great time, sweet people, grrrreat food and such a nice energy.”

Trisse, Denmark


“Vielen Dank für die tollen Rezepte und den schönen Tag mit leckerem Essen.”

Dominique, Deutschland


“Thank you for a wonderful cooking experience in Istanbul. Your openness, hospitality and generousity in wonderful. Best wishes for you and your cooking venture in the future.”

Anne, Scotland


” Thanks for a great day. Lots of fun and laughs and good cooking.”

Steve, Scotland


” A day full of fun, and belly full of great food.”

Kristin, USA + Tom, Scotland

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