“Absolument Fabuleus”

2018-04-08-PHOTO-00000004aWe have thoroughly enjoyed our education at the Istanbul Cookery School - a fabulous culinary and cultural experience with our new friends from France and the Netherlands. Thank you for your gentle and professional guidance, and brillant company and sense of fun.”

Marianne and Co (aka John, Paul, George and Ringo) from the UK

“A Great Birthday Present”

IMG_0614a“Thank you for an amazing and very tasty cooking class.” Megan + Sammy (New Orleans, USA)

“A great birthday present :) ” Kate + Tina (the UK)

“Danke für den tollen Tag” Kathrin + Sven (Germany)

“Thank you for a wonderful experience” Kelli (USA)

“Incredibly Fun & Informative”


“Danke für 30.000 Kalorien mehr auf den Hüften”

Moritz, Katrin, Basti, Patrick, Sebastian (Germany)

“Fun, great food and good company.”

Mohammed (Saudi Arabia)

“Terrific afternoon, and excellent company.”

Cathy (the US)

“Incredibly fun and informative.”

Sue (the US)


IMG_9568a IMG_9572a

“Thanks for a great day. Delicious food :)

Laura (New Zealand)

“FULL+HAPPY :)  Thank you for the very interesting Istanbul facts and knowledge.”

Georgia (New Zealand)

“Fantastic food, great host, really great course.”

Martin (the UK)+Bianca (Germany)

“Thank you so much for this incredible day.”

Lusia (Germany)

“We leave here very happy, full and excited to try the new Turkish recipes.”


“Thank you for a fantastic day of Turkish food culture.”

Mat (Australia)

“First cooking class ever, what an excellent start.”

Neville (Australia)


“Absolutely Amazing Experience”

IMG_8697a“Dearest Oz, Wonderfull and delicious afternoon. Thank you for a yummy experience.”

Pam+Blain (Canada)

“The most informative and entertaining dinner party I have been in a long time. We expect to impress many friends with what we have learned.”

Annmarie+Ian (NY, USA)

“Absolutely amazing experience. ”

Jo (Australia)

“Thank you very much for a great and authentic Turkish cooking experience.”

William (UK)

“Danke für diesen wunderschönen Urlaubstag. Und für die Anleitung, sonst hatten wir wohl nie selber Boreks machen können :)

Simone+Stephan, Janine+Camilla (Germany)

“An Amazing Experience”

IMG_8643a IMG_8640a“Thank you for a wonderful cooking lesson including the culture and history of Turkey. Great friendly atmosphere. Totally recommended and totally ful, full, full, full.”

Lyn (Australia)


“Thanks so much for stuffing us full of delightfull Turkish cuisine and showing us how to repeat your wonderful cooking at home. So glad we joined you.”

Lloyd+Emily (London, UK)


“It was an amazing experience. Thank you for having us there, we will definetely use your recipes at home. Greetings from Slovakia.”

Dominika, Dominika, Veronika, Lenka, Romana (Slovakia)

“We Love Turkey :)”

IMG_8621aIMG_8631a“Thank you for a lovely cooking class. The food was delicious. It is great to learn about new spices and ingredients. We think that explaining the history of a country along with the cooking is a great idea. We love Turkey :)

Jelena, Jelena, Ekaterina, Armina, Tatjana (Russia)


“Jatte trevlig kurs och god mat! We really enjoyed the course. Love from Sweden.”

Jonas+Carolin (Sweden)


“Danke für einen tollen Nachmittag, das leckere Essen und die tollen Hintergrundinformationen. Wİr haben sehr viel gelernt.”

Moritz+Alice (Germany)

“Full of Warmth in spite of the Cold Weather”

IMG_8555a“It was very nice to meet you and I enjoyed myself immensely.”

Simon, Canada


Olga and Tatiana, Russia

“When back in Italy, we are going to invite friends for dinner and cook Turkish for them :)

Natalie and Sara, Italy

“Man cia labai patiko. Aciu! Thank you it was super.”

Tadas, Ausra and Andras, Lithuania

“Thank you for the lovely day. Full of warmth in spite of the cold weather.”

Alicia, the UK

“Enjoyed the entire experience. Next thing, we want warm weather, make it happen :)

Rochelle and Robert, the US

“A Wonderfully Fun Time”

IMG_8438a IMG_8439a“Great time! The food and the company was splendid. One of my favorite Istanbul experiences.”

Clare (Los Angeles, CA)

“I cant wait to make these recipes at home.”

Emily (Los Angeles, CA)

“Thanks for the superb Turkish cooking experience.”

Ringa + Kristian (Finland)

“A delicious and wonderfully fun time.”

Jerianne + Joe (USA)

“This was a great way to spend an evening in a good company.”

Tina + Janne (Finland)

“It was a wonderful experience.”

Mia (Australia)

“We had a wonderful time, learning a lot about Turkish cooking styles, meze and best of all the great shops to buy food in the alleys off of Istiklal.”

Lauren + Erik (USA)


“Great Food & Amazing Host”

IMG_8229a IMG_8230a

“Thanks for the best ever cooking class experience. Definitely a future talking point of my travels.”

Angie, USA

“Lieber Oguz, Vielen Dank für einen unvergesslichen Tag in Istanbul.”

Gina, Germany

“Great food, amazing host.”

Valery + Dominique, Canada

“Thanks for a lovely lesson on a rainy day.”

Kelly, USA

“Loved the day. Look up on facebook if you are in Washington DC.”

Erica, USA

“Thanks so much for the lessons and the tips. Greetings from Cleveland.”

Richard, USA

“Definitely A Highlight Of The Trip”

IMG_8220aIMG_8223a ”Thanks ICS. We had a wonderful time and totally stuffed ourselves. Now I feel like I need to sleep. So much information and so much food.”

Maxwell, Australia

“Thank you so much for today. Definitely a highlight of the trip.”

Gena, UK

“Lieber Oguz, Vielen Dank für den wundervollen Nachmittag. Es hat viel Spass gemacht. Du hast uns die türkische Kultur und Gebrauche naher gebracht.”

Sabine aus Heilbronn

Miri aus Bodensee

Alex aus Obringen

Marina aus Ulm

“Sayın Oğuz, harikasın, çok teşekkürler. Ellerine sağlık, saygılarımla.”

Henry, Australia

“I made a little, fat Borek and it was delicious.”

Anna, UK

“What a wonderful day. The market tour, local knowledge and easy going kitchen, very encouraging. Thank you, will highly recommend.”

Suz, Australia

“Pure Dead Brilliant :)”

IMG_8151aIMG_8150a IMG_8149a

“I have lived in Turkey for 4 years and finally I have learned the art of cooking some of my favorite dishes. All in all it was ‘pure, dead brilliant :) ’”

Leanne (Scotland)


“We didnt feel the time at all”

Rania (Egypt)


“Beautiful food cooked with love and a lot of fun”

Kitty (Germany)


“We really enjoyed and happy time with you. We promise to cook Turkish dishes for friends in Japan.”

Kazumi + Yurie (Japan)


“What a unique way to experience a city when you are here only for a short time.”

Jason + Maegan (Canada)


“En toppen dag. Tack.”

Birgitta (Sweden)

“Great Experience”


“Great experience, great food.”

Steve + Jessica (USA, living in Paris)


“Enjoyed our cooking experience and learned a lot about Turkey. Thank you.”

Sunil + Utpala (Pune, India)


“Es war sehr interresant und sicher eines unseres Highlights.”

Sarah + Christina (Austria)


“This was a perfect way to get acquanted of the city.”

Sarah + Justin (USA)

“A Wonderful Afternoon”

DSCN9465a“Thanks for the great time and great food. Obrigado”

Luiz and Elisa, Brazil


“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Can not wait to cook for our friends back in San Francisco.”

The Richardsons, US


“We will definitely recommend to our friends.”

Jeremy and Sara, US


“Thank you for a fantastic experience.”

Claudia and Pepita, Australia


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had a wonderful time and I ll recommend it to all my friend.”

Naomi, Japan

“We Enjoyed It Extremely”

photo 1a“Thank you for offering the class. I learned a lot and look forward sharing what I learned with my clients. If you ever head back to Houston, I will be glad to show you around all the places to eat.”

Colin Carandang, USA


“Thank you for a wonderful day of exploring, shopping and cooking. We enjoyed it extremely.”

Kristina+Josh, USA


“We learned so much and I had so much fun.”

Antonia, UK


“This was wonderful. I will now cook with your smile :)

Hannah, UK


“We have had an excellent day listening to all of your stories about Turkish cooking and eating.”

Amy+Hugo, New Zealand

“So Fantastic!”

20140717_155041a DSCN9424a“Thank you for the lovely experience. Hope you get more indonesian guests soon.”

Endah, Indonesia


“Thank you for an amazing day. This has added such a wonderful experience to my trip.”

Meg, Australia


“Thank you for a lovely and delicious day. It was such a privilege to learn from you and to enjoy the company of all the interesting people you brought together.”

Zoe, USA


“Thanks so much for this fun experience.”

Aidee, Mexico and Silvia, Spain


“It was a funny experience. The food was delicious and cool.”

Juan Carlos, Spain


“So Fantastic. Thanks for a great day including the Turkish culture and history. I learned a lot.”

Shelly, USA (living in Istanbul)


“Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was very enjoyable and we met many interesting people.”

Elizabeth, USA (living in Abu Dhabi)

“Woot Woot! Great Class”

DSCN9408a“Woot Woot! Great class. Thank you.”

Nicole, USA


“Shalom. Alison here had a fantastic time in Istanbul Cooking School”

Ali, USA


“Thank you so much. The very best experience we had during our time in Istanbul.”

Jim+Michelle, USA


“What a great day”

David Campbell, USA

“A Wonderful Experience”

DSCN9399aDSCN9394a DSCN9400a“Thank you for taking us through your neighborhood markets and sharing lots of Turkish history and cuisine with our family. The girls, Tom and I enjoyed all the dishes, your stories and your hospitality most of all.”

Edith, Tom, Alina, Julia and Isabel Fiato (USA)


“The food was delicious, the company lively and the hosting was above and beyond.”

Cary+Jared (Australia)


“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. We cant wait to try these meals back at home.”

Nina + Richard Frazier (USA)

“The Laughs Were Priceless”


“Thank you for a fantastic introduction to the Turkish cuisine, ingredients and cooking styles. Very relaxed and interesting format, encouraging conversations and learning. All the best from a couple of newly weds :)

Martin, Denmark + Yiga, USA


“Thank you. Everything was wonderful. The walk, the market, the tastes, the recipes and experience. Thanks so much. The food and laughs were priceless.”

Laurie, USA

“A Most Memorable Day of Cooking and Turkish Culture”


“Thank you for a most memorable day of cooking and Turkish culture. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our group.”

Debra+Sarah, Canada


“What a wonderful day.We had a great time.”

Leigh Ann+Katherine, Canada


“You are the best chef we know in Istanbul. We throughly enjoyed our class and will try to recreate the food back in Boston. Please come visit!”

Elise+Danny, USA


“What an awesome experience.This was most certainly the highlight of our Turkey trip.”

Vino+Dhushan, Australia


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