Dorma Tür Systeme


Dorma is an international company leading in building materials sector, specialized on doors and door mechanisms. The region managers from different countries met in Istanbul for their annual meeting and what can be more relaxing and fun than Turkish cooking after so many hours talking about the budgets?


“We have had a great evening. Actually I didnt expect to have such a fun event.” Elif Akpinar, Sales Manager, Dorma

St.Mary’s University


St.Mary’s University in the US visited us with a huge group of teachers and students. We had two workshops together which were very informative and fun.


“The class was lot of fun, everything was delicious. I hope all your classes have as much fun as we did.” Nathan

“Thank you for putting up with our noise and craziness. I had so much fun.” Willow

“Cant wait to cook these back in the States.” Mary Margeret

Istanbul Chamber of Industry

DSCN8061bThe Department of SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) Services of The Chamber of Industry in Istanbul decided to spend an evening cooking fresh Turkish Mezes and the result was an entertaining evening with lot of fun and joy.



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