Cooking Connects – Our Corporate Cooking Workshops

Yes, it is true. Cooking is not only cool, it also connects people.

More and more companies choose cooking classes to bond their teams, motivate them or to entertain their clients.
So, let us meet for a Classic Turkish Cooking Workshop, which is very informative about the Turkish culture, entertaining, challenging and meditative at the same time.

We will help you with a program that is tailor-made to suit the time table, tastes and goals of your group and then provide the rest.


Please find below some photos and reviews from our previous corporate events.


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Relaxing, motivation and team building are some of the reasons why companies choose cooking workshops. But lets not forget the tasty turkish food and a glass of wine with good friends


The top management team of the leading tire manufacturing company Goodyear decided to join us for a cooking workshop. The team, consisting of italian, turkish and polish nationalities, had great fun preparing and enjoying all the delicious classic turkish dishes.



We had a great workshop with the international team of the Finance Department of Levi’s.

It was a morning full of nice conversations, fun friends and great food. What better way to finish a week full of budget meetings?


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The best part of working in a corporate should be attending a corporate cooking workshop :)

We had a great cooking workshop with the Marketing and Sales Department of H&M. A lot of fun and a lot of cooking and eating was on the agenda of our meeting.


Intema Life

IMG_0810a IMG_0765a IMG_0778a IMG_0796a


We have hosted Intema, the biggest building materials producer of Turkey and had a great cooking workshop, full of great food, great conversations and a lot of laughs.

The Coca Cola Company


Our next corporate cooking class in 2016 was for Coca Cola.

Our guests, PR managers from different parts of the world, took care for good entertainment and good food.

University of Delaware

IMG_0763a IMG_0759a IMG_0760a


A beautiful group of students from the University of Delaware visited Istanbul for cultural exchange and the most delicious way to do so is to cook Turkish.

We wish them all the best in their studies and future lives.



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As our first corporate class in 2016 we welcomed Bayer AG. The executies from Middle Eastern – North African section came together in Istanbul, and one thing to let some steam off was to cook Turkish.


You can see in the photos that we had a lot of fun (and great food too).



IMG_8597a IMG_8603a

Finance managers of Roche came together in Istanbul for a series of meetings.

What better way than a cooking workshop to relax a little in between?

It was a great workshop with very fun people, we wish them all the best and hope to see them again.

UNITED NATIONS (High Commission for Refugees)

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UNHCR take care of the big refugee problem in the world and try to find solutions for millions of people who were forced to leave their homes and live elsewhere in bad conditions.

The highly multicultural management team of the UNHCR was kind enough to join us for an evening full of Turkish culture and cooking. While listening to the stories they told and eating the delicious food they cooked, we hardly noticed how time passed by.

We wish them all the best and good luck while protecting the unprotected.


IMG_8254a IMG_8253a IMG_8240a

The international management team of Pfizer gathered in Istanbul for planning the next year. And what is better than cooking and having fun to let the steam out after hard working?


We thank them for their great company and beautiful food they have cooked and wish them all the success in their future business.

Vodafone / Pontis

IMG_8193aIMG_8200a IMG_8201a

We have welcomed international managers of Vodafone / Pontis for a great cooking workshop full of cultural talks, laughters and of course delicious food.

We wish them all the best with their international campaigns.

Chez Cherie Cooking School, Los Angeles USA



Chez Cherie, one of the well known cooking schools in California, organizes culinary travels all around the globe for their guests. For seven years they have travelled different countries and visited different cooking schools and tasted different dishes.

This years target was Istanbul with its various tastes, reaching from middle eastern Turkish food till the mediterranean coasts and the recipes from the palaces of Ottoman sultans.

We have spent a beautiful four hours together, laughed a lot, talked a lot about all possible aspects of Turkish culture and of course tasted, cooked and ate a lot. We wish them all the best in their future travels and hope to see them again pretty soon.

Hügli Holding AG, Part 2

IMG_8118a IMG_8117a


Last october we had the opportunity to welcome a second group of distributers of Hugli AG. The best selling branches of Hugli were awarded again with an Istanbul weekend and a great Turkish cooking class was one of the items of the agenda. We cooked 5 classic dishes from Turkish cuisine, mainly old Ottoman dishes and enjoyed them at our lunch together.

Istanbul Cooking School wishes you all success in 2014 too, so we can meet again next year and cook new items together.

TCHIBO, Poland




The Tchibo Company in Poland decided to reward their best managers with an European holiday. They could choose anywhere they like, and very wisely they decided for Istanbul.

And one of the main attractions during their stay in Istanbul was a cooking class full of culture, food and fun.


“Thanks for a wonderful time. As good as pierogi and bigos. You get 5 stars from us, and this means more than 5 stars from Michelin :)

Michal Cholewa – Senior Category Manager, Tchibo

Hügli Holding AG, Switzerland

DSCN9273a DSCN9276aDSCN9272a

Hügli is one of the leading actors of food sector in Europe and produces industrial, natural and health food.

The most successfull distributors of the company in German market, “The Hügli Gipfelstürmer”, are rewarded with a wonderfull weekend in Istanbul, and one of the items on their agenda was to learn the food and the culture of Turkey.

It was a very warm workshop with a lot of cultural exchange. We wish them to continue their success, so we can meet again next year.


Riverside International School, Prague



How crazy and fun can a cooking class get? 25 international students of Riverside School from all around the world and their 7 teachers tried to answer this question, with great success. The result was a wonderful 4 hours full of laughters, fun, new skills, touching the food, feeling it and cooking it and then eating it. The energy and the enthusiasm of our young guests were contagious and in the evening we all felt very tired but much younger.


“Dear Istanbul Cooking School,

Words cannot describe how happy we are that everything went so well on our
trip to Istanbul. It was an incredible experience, especially making Turkish food at your
school. The students will remember this experience for the rest of their

I have to say that this was one of the best experiences I have ever had
with a school group. I enjoyed it all. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and it was a pleasure
meeting you.

You all really looked after us and for that we will always be very grateful to you. Thank you so much,
Tina, Tim, Kate, Doug and Jake

Tina Neate
Junior High Principal”

University of Uttrecht, Holland

DSCN9142aDSCN9131a DSCN9126a DSCN9147a


The University of Uttrecht decided to make a cultural trip to Istanbul. Learning how to cook Turkish is surely one of the most obligatory and fun parts of such an excursion. So, we welcomed 40 students, mostly of the Psychology Department, and cooked with them the whole day through.


“Thank you for the cooking workshop. It was suuuper nice and awesome. You are the best :)


“Thank you for everything. The food, the hospitality and your kindness. We had really a good time.”


“Thanks a lot for teaching us how to prepare all the lovely food. We really enjoyed your enthusiasm.”



Northfield Mount Hermon School


Founded at 1879, NMH School is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, with a long history and tradition. As part of a cultural and professional exchange program, a group of their students and teachers visited Turkey. And to learn how to cook Turkish was surely an item on their schedule.


The result was one of our most fun workshops, where we could feel the high energy level and enthusiasm of our young guests.

True North Partners LLP.

DSCN8877aDSCN8879a  DSCN8873a

TNP is a London based international company specialized in advising banks and other financial institutions. Their yearly meeting with executives from all around the world was held in Istanbul this year and one of the items on agenda was a great Turkish cooking event with lot of fun, laughter and best of the Turkish food.


“Thank you for this event. It was a great fun for all of us. It is still fun for me because I cook these recepies at home, and all my friends and family love them.” Dr. Bernd Granitza, Partner

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